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Product RestrictionsUpdated a month ago

When you are shopping in our U.S. store, you have the option to add any item to your shopping cart. However, when you enter your address, select your shipping country, and an error message displays, the flagged item has known import restrictions to your country and will not be allowed through customs.


Due to regulations put in place by the local customs department in some countries, we may not be able to ship all items available in our U.S. store to your location. To help you determine what can or cannot be shipped to you, we created a store specific to your country. The country specific store contains only products available to be shipped directly to you and removes the uncertainty.


Regulations are different in every country, and though they change often, we do our best to keep up with them and update your store as soon as we know of a new restriction. We try not to ship products that are restricted in your country to prevent you from losing out on the item and money, however the responsibility falls on you, the customer, to ensure the products ordered are not seized by customs.


Note:  Canada prohibits the importation of more than a 90 day supply of certain dietary supplements (natural health products) within a single order and you may see this restriction reflected in your cart.

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