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Out-of-stock ItemsUpdated a month ago

If an item is out-of-stock, it displays a status of "On Backorder" on the product page next to the Order button, or listed in the shopping cart. Even if a product is labeled "On Backorder" in our store, it is still available for order and most items are replenished within only a few days. We'll notify you by email within 24 hours of your purchase any time items are unavailable.

If all of the items in your order are on backorder, nothing will be shipped until all of the items are back in-stock. Once the items return to inventory, your order will be packaged and shipped, and you will receive a second email to alert you of the shipment.

When only some items in your order are on backorder, the available items are shipped right away. As soon as they become available, the backordered items are shipped separately at no extra cost to you.

If you'd prefer not to wait for an item to return to inventory, you are welcome to cancel the backordered item by contacting our Customer Service Department.

In very rare situations, orders for products that have been on backorder for more than 25 days are automatically canceled and an email notification is sent.


Note:When shipping internationally, due to customs regulations, we cannot partially ship international orders. Due to inventory levels at specific warehouse locations, sometimes an item can display as in-stock, but then display "on backorder" after an order is placed.

When this happens and you'd like to cancel the backordered item for something else, please contact our Customer Service Department.
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