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International Order TrackingUpdated a month ago

Because we use numerous shipping couriers, all of which have different policies and procedures, aspects like tracking visibility will vary, especially when it comes to the weight of the package. However, you’ll always get a tracking confirmation e-mail on any order placed.


Please note that not all couriers ship to all countries, so choices may be limited. The best way to see your shipping options is to construct a cart and proceed to the final checkout screen - you’ll be able to view all methods and timeframes available.


Tracking Visibility based on Courier:


DHL: Packages that weight over 4.4 pounds will have full tracking visibility, including local tracking in your country since a local tracking number is assigned separately on your original, DHL tracking confirmation page.


Packages that weight under 4.4 pounds are not assigned a local tracking number, and general tracking tends to be limited once a package leaves our warehouse.

In both cases, do not be alarmed if tracking shows minimal updates - packages are only scanned a few times as they travel to your country’s point of origin, which us customs, so it’s common to see messages that indicate the parcel is still in the United States days after an order has been placed.


FedEx: Regardless of the weight, tracking shows full visibility.


DPD: Regardless of weight, tracking shows full visibility.


***Additional Information:

Please note that it may take between 3-8 business days (Monday – Friday) for any initial tracking updates to appear. This is because your order must pass through different shipping hubs before the online tracking system is updated.

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