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How to get more information about my ban or suspensionUpdated 23 days ago

Think your account was banned or suspended by mistake? Let us know so we can help.


Ban disputes can be resolved either through the moderator who issued the ban or through contacting us directly at [email protected]. Due to the large number of ban disputes, we get daily, please follow the steps below prior to disputing a ban and please keep all disputes professional and courteous.

  1. Read the forum rules. If you do not think you posted content that violated forum rules proceed to step 2.
  2. Contact the moderator who issued the ban through the email address that was provided in your ban message. If the moderator will not lift the ban and you still feel that you have not violated forum rules proceed to step 
  3. Contact the forum admin at [email protected]. Please provide a reason you do not feel the ban is warranted.
  4. Each ban reason should include a moderator email address to contact the moderator for dispute. All complaints against moderators need to be sent to [email protected]. It is rare that a ban will be overturned.
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